This website was created by Becky Greubel as part of the Spring 2021 course Currents: A-Generative-Web, taught by John Provencher. By entering a word above, poems based off of poetry written by Becky from 2004-2021 will be generated.

The poetry is created using RiTa.js and the Wordnik API, recreating lines using their parts of speech, and finding synonyms and like words to your entry. The chapbook is then presented using Bindery.js, and can be printed to have a physical chapbook of the poetry.

Typeface is Wremena by The Temporary State

You are     here,  now, and yet
we have      found ourselves

at a crossroads.


slowly, and move     yourself to

     a desktop or laptop,

to experience a chapbook of your own.

In one word, how do you feel right now?